Premium Matcha

For Professional

For all craftsmen in pursuit of authenticity
Single Origin Matcha will change your sweets

You will immediately notice the difference between our Matcha Latte and your regular Matcha Latte when it is carefully prepared and poured into the milk.
By adding "Uji Matcha" to your regular menu, you can distinguish your tea from others.
We have a large number of satisfied customers who pursue the taste, aroma and branding of our products, so you know that the effort and attention to detail goes a long way.

Your matcha sweets will be transformed into a sweet treat of the highest order.
The process of making sweets involves heating, but matcha does not like heat, and this process often removes the flavour and aroma of the matcha.
Inexpensive matcha is already less fragrant before the heat is applied, so further cooking will destroy the flavour.
Single Origin Matcha has a strong matcha flavour and retains its aroma even after cooking.

Our commitment

● Use of Ichibancha 2020
Ichibancha (''first-picked tea'') has a stronger, fresher aroma than Nibancha (''second-picked tea''),
and it has more than three times the amount of theanine (the source of umami) than that of Nibancha.
Nibancha is harvested within a short period of 45 days after the harvesting of Ichibancha,
however, Ichibancha retains umami for more than 180 days from the previous autumn.
And that is why it has a better taste, and it is higher in quality and nutritional value.

● Our matcha is carefully ground with a traditional stone mill at the Ujitawara factory of Tsujiri Honten.
●100% Uji tea from Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture
● Single cultivar and additive-free tea leaves
● Reduced pesticides following the European standards
● ASIA GAP certified farms
● Transparency of the process
●Consistent quality control from cultivation to manufacturing

Please feel free to contact us for samples.
Commercial sizes and commercial prices are also available.

Original  Label

We also produce original brands using tea leaves from Wazuka-cho.
Hotels, sweet shops, restaurants, Japanese goods stores, novelty goods for events, etc.We are happy to make proposals for original products with your company's store name or trade name on them.

- Original Label Proposals for original products -
We can provide you with a high degree of flexibility in terms of supplying only tea leaves, specifying varieties, and adjusting the taste. We also accept orders from our designers, so please feel free to contact us if you are considering developing an original product.