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"We appreciate the pure fascination and value of tea."

Our idea was born from the idea of ‘single origin' - single cultivar, single farm.

To deliver on our vision, we work with the finest producers and farms while respecting the traditional manufacturing method.

"Tea by Tea" series

① 100% Uji tea from Wazuka town, Kyoto Prefecture

② Single cultivar and additive-free tea leaves

③ Reduced pesticides following USA standards

④ Thorough quality control in the factory

⑤ ASIA GAP certified farms

⑥ Transparency of the process

Enjoy the matcha from our "Tea by Tea" series.



Wazuka Town, Soraku District, Kyoto Prefecture

The largest producer of Uji tea, where tradition and culture have been kept alive for 800 years since the Kamakura period.

Clear air, the temperature difference between night and day and the fog rising from the mountain rivers:

these make Wazuka the ideal place for tea farming.

D2C - Direct to Consumer

We sell products directly to consumers, and we bypass third-party retailers, wholesalers, and other middlemen.

We believe that it is of great value to purchase goods through people instead of stores.

In the tea industry, there have generally been many intermediaries involved in the distribution of this product, therefore, high-quality tea has become very expensive.

We can provide high-quality tea from Wazuka at a competitive price as we deliver our products directly from the farmers to consumers without using any middlemen.


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